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If you regularly operate in the social media space whether for business or pleasure and rely on organic account growth, you have probably heard of services that can promise you an influx of new followers. With that knowledge comes some false information about these services.

Organic growth of social media takes months, sometimes years, before seeing significant results. Social proof is key to a successful brand both on and off the internet, so all options for growth should be considered including buying followers.

If you buy Instagram friends on such a site, you can quickly gain a new audience, which will, in return, attract even more organic viewers. Followers on Instagram are one of the indicators of the popularity of the channel, which will move the page to the top or a recommended section. The popularity is interesting for new pages, both for individual accounts, brands, companies, artists, bloggers, etc. When people see the page is followed by many people, they become more interested in it. More audience means more sales for the companies, more potential customers, and more interest from the side of sponsors and advertisers. Instagram followers are one of the parameters of the account’s engagement. No matter the uniqueness of the content on the Instagram page, the popularity is what will help your page be chosen from the thousands of others. Buying the audience has never been that easy and cheap.

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If you are using a legitimate Instagram growth service that promises real followers, you do not need to worry about your account getting banned because of Instagram’s revised terms of service. Real followers, even if purchased, are not a harmful practice to your account or to Instagram as a whole. The platform has zero tolerance for bots and can potentially shut down your account if they detect this practice.

According to Instagram’s own blog, they maintain the stance that people come to their platform to have genuine interactions with people and brands they care about and purchasing bots to increase follower numbers undermines that kind of community building.

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